Breaking Down Communication Barriers: The Success Story of SHA and sylby’s Partnership

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In the ever-evolving landscape of multicultural workplaces, effective communication is pivotal. Early in 2023, a pioneering partnership was forged between SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten GmbH (SHA) and sylby GmbH, a tech-savvy language learning provider. Today, we’re thrilled to share the fruits of this collaboration and how a custom-tailored language course coupled with an AI-driven pronunciation app is changing the game.


SHA Plans Houses – We Build Confidence with sylby!


SHA, a distinguished architectural firm known for its innovative designs and global footprint, recognized the need for a comprehensive language learning solution for its international staff. Enter sylby – not just any language service provider, but a visionary company that has seamlessly blended technology with linguistics to create an unparalleled learning experience.


As Sinh, a satisfied learner, puts it, “We have learned German in a fun and exciting atmosphere. With Sylby we learn not just the German language but also the German culture.The Sylby app is also a big help for me with pronunciation, fun, uncomplicated, at hand and at any time. Highly recommended” This encapsulates the unique blend of cultural and linguistic education that sylby offers.


Let’s dive into how this partnership is fostering an environment of inclusivity and linguistic prowess, and why an organization like yours should be paying close attention.


A Tailored Approach to Language Learning


When SHA approached us, they were seeking more than a generic language course; they needed something that could cater to the unique needs of their diverse team. sylby’s vision has always been to tailor its offerings to the individual, and this scenario was no different. Our response was two-fold: a bespoke language course for SHA’s team and our flagship AI-powered pronunciation app for an interactive training experience.


Echoing this, Ahmad’s experience with our course highlights its effectiveness: “In a short period of time, the course helped me to overcome a lot of mistakes and speak more smoothly, such a great way of passing the knowledge driven by passion, fun and ease. Not forgetting to mention sylby app, such a user-friendly app which enhanced my pronunciation after the first use.


The result? A remarkable improvement in the team’s German language proficiency, particularly in their pronunciation skills. This success is a testament to sylby’s user-centric approach and innovative use of technology in language education.


The sylby Experience: From Theory to Practice

In the picturesque city of Leipzig stand buildings designed by learners from our course – a symbol of the tangible outcomes of our combined efforts. It was here, in early 2023 prior, that Vera from sylby stood, marking the commencement of our journey with SHA. Fast-forward to today, and we have a delightful snapshot of Vera alongside an elated team post an exhilarating pronunciation training session with sylby.

So, what makes the sylby app a game-changer? It’s simple: we’ve revolutionized language learning by integrating AI speech recognition with the expertise of linguistics. The app is filled with lessons focusing on sounds that often challenge non-native speakers. It includes educational videos that tackle common language hurdles and speech therapy exercises designed to train and activate the speech muscles.

But we didn’t stop there. Our self-developed AI technology provides users with instantaneous evaluation and feedback on their pronunciation. As a result, learning becomes more than just memorizing; it becomes a dynamic and enjoyable activity. Our learners don’t just study the language – they live it, speak it, and most importantly, they enjoy it.

Sinh’s and Ahmad’s experiences corroborate this, illustrating how the app not only aids in learning the German language but also enriches the understanding of German culture and enhances pronunciation skills.


Empowerment Through Innovation

The sylby app is not just another e-learning tool; it’s an empowerment platform. By helping individuals overcome language barriers, we’re giving them the confidence to express themselves in their new linguistic surroundings. For a business like SHA, this means more effective teamwork, a smoother exchange of ideas, and an inclusive culture that values each member’s contributions.

Our journey with SHA is a shining example of how technology and education can come together to create a positive impact. But this is just the beginning. The sylby app’s potential is immense – it can be the bridge for countless individuals and organizations seeking to strengthen their international communication skills.


For businesses looking to enhance their team’s language proficiency, sylby offers more than just an app – it offers a transformative learning experience that molds to the needs of its users. Our AI-driven platform promises an engaging, efficient, and effective path to overcoming the language barrier.


Join Our Revolution


As we continue our successful cooperation with SHA, we extend an invitation to you. Whether you’re running a company or part of an enterprise that prides itself on its international workforce, sylby is ready to help you level up your communication game.


Don’t let language be the barrier that holds your team back. Embrace the power of AI and the expertise of linguistics with sylby. Get in touch with us and discover how we can create a customized language learning solution that caters specifically to your needs.


The collaboration between SHA and sylby is a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the corporate world. By bringing down communication barriers, we’re not just enhancing the ability to converse; we’re building bridges between cultures and fostering a more harmonious work environment.


Remember, when SHA builds houses, sylby builds the confidence to speak. Join us on this exhilarating journey to transform the way we learn languages. Together, let’s make language learning not just a necessity, but a joyous pursuit.In a short period of time, the course helped me to overcome a lot of mistakes and speak more smoothly, such a great way of passing the knowledge driven by passion, fun and ease. Not forgetting to mention sylby app, such a user-friendly app which enhanced my pronunciation after the first use.


Written by Daniel Quiroga from Punku.

Yamile Vargas
Yamile Vargas